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Featured CD:

Confront Collectors series 42
Damon Smith / Sandy Ewen

Valle De México

10/28/2014 "Desbordamientos" at Cine Tonalá, Mexico City, Mexico

Sandy Ewen - guitar, objects
Damon Smith - double bass

Recorded by Sandy Ewen
Mastered by Ryan Edwards

Limited copies available:
$15pp USA / $20 rest of the world Paypal to damon@balancepointacoustics.com Buy This CD

Ghetto Caylpso Reissue!!
Marco Eneidi / Peter Kowald / Damon Smith / Spirit Order CD & DL at Bandcamp

Alto Saxophone – Marco Eneidi
Double Bass – Damon Smith, Peter Kowald
Drums – Spirit
Painting [Cover] – Peter Kowald
Photography By [Inside] – Alan Anzalone
Photography By [Peter Kowald] – Allen Brightbill

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Peter Kowald 21.04.1944-21.09.2002 tags Buy This CD

In stock and available now:
Magda Mayas / Damon Smith / Tony Buck
Spill Plus Nuscope Recordings
Paypal damon@balancepointacoustics.com $14.95 US / $19.95 the rest of the world
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"Music for Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World"
Henry Kaiser, David Lindley, Jen Baker, Cheryl Leonard William Winant, Dannielle DeGruttola & Damon Smith.

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Chan/Smith/Walter at Bandcamp

2013 Bug Incision release of Weasel Walter/Damon Smith/Charity Chan

"Formed in 2006 in Oakland California, this improving trio came together out of a love for randomness, noisy sounds, lyric brutality, and adventure eating. This album is dedicated to our 1510 evening in 2007 that features various forms of grilled octopi and improvised music."


Charity Chan (piano, objects)
Damon Smith (double bass)
Weasel Walter (drums)

Recorded at: 1510 8th street, Oakland CA, 2007 Mixed and mastered: Caribou Sonore, 2012

Includes immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Buy This CD

ug53 SANDY EWEN/DAMON SMITH/WEASEL WALTER CD $15.00 postage paypal = damon@balancepointacousitcs.com Buy This CD

Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter "Scowl" CD ug49 Edition of 300 real cds.


hear/download a free preview of this release at: http://weaselwalter.bandcamp.com/track/carps-daemon (PLAY LOUD!) A powerful, articulate improvised music release by this meeting of new generation West and East Coast American musicians. This quartet explores the outer limits of technique and abstraction while delivering serious impact. Scowl consists of more than 50 minutes of free improvised music by a quartet featuring trumpeter Nate Wooley, pianist Scott R. Looney, bassist Damon Smith and drummer Weasel Walter. The ensemble's music is a distinct sum total of four unique perspectives, drawing on a a wide palette of musical possibilities, dynamics and timbres. The music is fast, clearly delineated, compact and well-orchestrated, drawing from the sound vocabularies of 20th and 21st Century New Music forms. The recording is excellent and is best heard at robust volume on stereo speakers, just like in the good old days of high-fidelity. For fans of Bill Dixon, Evan Parker and Mats Gustafsson . . . Buy This CD

Fan The Hammer:

Henry Kaiser - electric and acoustic guitars, talking
Damon Smith - double bass, 6 string electric upright, 'cello, acoustic bass guitar, talking




The Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith duo has been active for well over a decade. These recordings span around 7 or 8 years. At this time it is a digital only release.

The cover is a collaborative ipod/iphone drawing by Raymie Iadevaia & Damon Smith

Raymie Iadevaia Buy This CD

Featuring Cecil Taylor alumni Marco Eneidi (alto), Marc Edwards (drums), Lisle Ellis (bass), Elliott Levin (tenor), Sun Ra Arkestra legend Marshall Allen (alto), bassist Damon Smith and manic Austrian reedist Mario Rechtern, Firestorm is a delerious concoction of new energy music that pushes beyond the stratosphere of sound!

You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one. Buy This CD

A few copies of "Healing Force" are available You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one.

Vinny Golia-reeds
Aurora Josephson-voice
Henry Kaiser-guitar
Mike Keneally-piano, guitar and voice
Joe Morris-guitar and double bass
Damon Smith-double bass
Weasel Walter-drums

Seven major figures from the art-punk, free-jazz, brutal prog, improvisational and modern jazz world come together for a ROCKING tribute to the unfairly ignored, misunderstood and vilified late period works of Albert Ayler. Buy This CD

Limited copies of the "Noisy People" dvd are available here. It is a Film by Tim Perkis featuing Damon Smith and other Bay Area Musicians. Includes footage of Gratkowski/Bryerton/Smith and Wolfgang Fuchs' Six Fuchs Project. Buy This CD

Improvised music form Oakland and Tel Aviv from the Jerusalem based Kadima Label.
Aurora Josephson - voice
Ariel Shibolet - soprano saxophone
Jen Baker - trombone
Scott R. Looney - piano
Damon Smith - double bass Buy This CD

New from Nuscope Records: Biggi Vinkeloe, alto saxophone, flute; Damon Smith, double-bass; Kjell Nordeson, drums, vibraphone Buy This CD

Forthcoming CD's

BPA -4
Hugo Ball: Sechs Laut- und Klanggedichte 1916 (Six Sound Poems, 1916)

Jaap Blonk / Damon Smith

Jaap Blonk - voice
Damon Smith - double bass

bpaltd606 -  Lake Monsters
Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser

Real CD in mini LP sleeve, folded postcard liner insert + DL. Edition of 300
Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser - guitars
Buy CD or DL at Bandcamp Recorded by Ryan Edwards 2015

BPALTD 555 - BPA Spotify playlist

BPA Spotify playlist!

BPALTD 505 - Relations
Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith

Buy CD & DL at Bandcamp

Henry Kaiser
1998 Monteleone Radio Flyer 7 string guitar
Damon Smith
(Circa) 1934 Romanian or German flat back double bass

Recorded on Nov. 16th 2013 at (h)Humid Studios
Recorded, mixed, edited & mastered by Ryan Edwards

bpaldt9999 - Donations for free downloads
Free file sharing

File sharing is part of reality now. If you enjoyed any BPA releases you have downloaded for free consider sending a bit of $$ by paypal to damon@balancepointacoustics.com This will help continue to make recordings available.

bpaldt000 - Solo Box
Damon Smith

Contents of Box: 1 Data cdr containing various solo works in mp3 format and 1 Video work by Damon Smith in mp4 format. Various, photos and works on paper and canvas by Damon Smith Unique edition $40 pp by paypal to damon@balancepointacoustics.com

BPA000/LS014 - Color Architecture
Damon Smith Trio

Digital reissue of 1999 CD on Limited Sedition:

Damon Smith – double bass
Jeff Chan – reeds
Jerome Bryerton – percussion
Recorded and produced by Scott Looney In West Oakland, 3/12 and 3/19/1999


BPA-5 - A Place Meant For Birds
Biggi Vinkeloe / Mark Weaver / Damon Smith

Buy CD or DL here A seven track real CD, edition of 200 and fully distriubted DL

Biggi Vinkeloe - alto saxophone, flute
Mark Weaver - tuba, didgeridoo
Damon Smith - double bass
Lisa Gill - poem (track 6)

Recorded live at the Outpost Albuquerque, NM 3/14/13
Design by Alan Anzalone
Mastered by Ryan Edwards
Cover painting: Cowboy
Angel II - 2009 Delmas Howe

BPA 101 - Thoughtbeetle
Bertram Turetzky/Damon Smith

Buy at Bandcamp now Physical CDs are OOP, it is available still at Emusic, iTunes and many other sites digitally.

Bertram Turetzky - double bass
Damon Smith - double bass

Recorded Sunday, Nov 11 2007 1510 8th St Performance Space
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Scott R. Looney

The titles are English translations of German compound words invented by Paul Celan.

bpa 100 - Mimetic Holds
Frank Gratkowsk/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Kjell Nordeson

Buy at Bandcamp now

Frank Gratkowski - clarinet, alto saxophone Scott R. Looney - piano Damon Smith - double bass Kjell Nordeson - percussion Total Time - 67:51 Tracks 1-5 recorded live  in Santa Cruz 10/10/2004 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center  Track 6 Recorded 10/9/2004 live at 1510 8th St Performance Space Oakland

BPA 016 - North of Blanco
Jaap Blonk / Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith / Chris Cogburn

Order now at Bandcamp

Edition of 250 real CDs in jewel cases, fully distributed digital download.

Six focused, quartet improvisations with complex, independent layers of rich textures. Featuring Dutch vocalist/sound-poet Jaap Blonk and three Texas improvisors.

Jaap Blonk -- voice, electronics
Sandy Ewen -- guitar, objects
Damon Smith -- prepared double bass
Chris Cogburn -- percussion

Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Ryan Edwards
Recorded by Mike Kosacek at Double Dog Studios
June 1st 2013 in Round Rock, Texas
Liner notes by PascAli: Pascal Niggenkemper & Sean Ali Design by Alan Anzalone
Cover art by Jaap Blonk


BPA 015 - From-To-From
Alvin Fielder / David Dove / Jason Jackson / Damon Smith

Real CD in jewel case + DL. $15 paypal to damon@balancepointacoustics.com CD is out! Order now from bandcamp

Alvin Fielder - drums, percussion

David Dove - trombone

Jason Jackson - alto, tenor & baritone saxophones

Damon Smith - double bass

Recorded February 28th, 2013 at (H)umid Recorder by Ryan Edwards

Mixed & Mastered by Ryan Edwards

Cover art by Randy Twaddle

Liner Notes by William Parker

Tray photos by Frank Rubalino Produced by Frank Rubalino

bpa 014 - Yclept
Birgit Ulher/Ariel Shibolet/Damon Smith + Tanaka

I am having trouble with the paypal carts, please paypal $15pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com if you want one of these.

Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, mutes, speaker
Ariel Shibolet - soprano sax
Adi Snir - tenor & soprano sax
Roni Brenner - guitar
Michel Mayer - guitar
Damon Smith - double bass, laptop
Ofer Bymel - drums

Recorded on March 12th, 2008 at HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel by Niv Karasenti.
Mixed & Mastered by Niv Karasenti at Tomix Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Graphic design by Alan Anzalone
Cover art by Daniel Healey
Tray photo by Birgit Ulher

BPA 001 - Mirrors, Broken, But No Dust Cassette
Peter Kowald / Damon Smith

Shrink-wrapped, manufactured cassette reissue of this long OOP album, full color artwork and complete liner notes. Royal Blue cassette. First cassette edition of 50.

Peter Kowald, Damon Smith - double basses

Buy Cassette or DL here

BPA -4 - Hugo Ball: Sechs Laut- und Klanggedichte 1916 (Six Sound Poems, 1916)
Jaap Blonk / Damon Smith

You can buy the digital version or pre-order the CD version here of Jaap Blonk & Damon Smith doing Hugo Ball. Art by The Art Guys , design by Alan Anzalone, liner essay by Melissa Venator.
Buy at Bandcamp

BPA -3 - Triangles of Force
William Hooker Duo featuring Damon Smith

Order now at Bandcamp

ully distributed digital download

William Hooker - drums
Damon Smith - laptop, 7 string electric upright

An improvised performance of solos and duos with both subtlety and power played as a live soundtrack for The Symbol of the Unconquered by Oscar Micheaux

Recorded by Michael Zelner 7/24/08 @ 21 Grand
Mastered by Ryan Edwards
Design by Alan Anzalone
Art by Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud
Thanks to Sarah Lockhart and Darren Jenkins

BPA -2 -  BPA -2 Burns Longer
Fred Van Hove / Damon Smith / Peter Jacquemyn

Out now, real CDs in a LP Style wallet, edition of 300
Buy CD or DL at bandcamp
Best DL options here

Fred Van Hove - piano, accordion
Peter Jacquemyn - double bass
Damon Smith - double bass

Intense improvised music that never looses focus.
Recorded Easter Sunday, at Archiduc, Brussels.

BPA -1 - BPA -1 Background Information
Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith

Digital Album + CDR in Mini LP Sleeve. Order CD from Bandcamp! BPA -1 at bandcamp $7 itunes, emuisc, amazon, etc. shortly.

Sandy Ewen - guitar, objects
Damon Smith - double bass, 7 string electric upright, laptop, field recordings

Cover "Ruins 9" by Shaun O'Dell
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Edwards in Houston, Texas 2011

1Bpa ltd404 - Where Endless Meets disappearing
Henry Kaiser

New solo guitar album by Henry Kaiser. It features beautifully played improvisations. Henry Kaiser is in top form and playing better than ever. A few copies are available now. You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one.

1bpa ltd303 - Zen Kaiju
Henry Kaiser/Kiku day

Duo improvisations for Shakuhachi and Guitar recorded in 2006 at Fantasy studios.

A few copies are available now. You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one.

1bpa ltd202 - Domo Arigato Derek Sensei
Henry Kaiser + Derek Bailey and many others

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