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Featured CD:

Confront Collectors series 42
Damon Smith / Sandy Ewen

Valle De México

10/28/2014 "Desbordamientos" at Cine Tonalá, Mexico City, Mexico

Sandy Ewen - guitar, objects
Damon Smith - double bass

Recorded by Sandy Ewen
Mastered by Ryan Edwards

Limited copies available:
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Ghetto Caylpso Reissue!!
Marco Eneidi / Peter Kowald / Damon Smith / Spirit Order CD & DL at Bandcamp

Alto Saxophone – Marco Eneidi
Double Bass – Damon Smith, Peter Kowald
Drums – Spirit
Painting [Cover] – Peter Kowald
Photography By [Inside] – Alan Anzalone
Photography By [Peter Kowald] – Allen Brightbill

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Peter Kowald 21.04.1944-21.09.2002 tags Buy This CD

In stock and available now:
Magda Mayas / Damon Smith / Tony Buck
Spill Plus Nuscope Recordings
Paypal damon@balancepointacoustics.com $14.95 US / $19.95 the rest of the world
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"Music for Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World"
Henry Kaiser, David Lindley, Jen Baker, Cheryl Leonard William Winant, Dannielle DeGruttola & Damon Smith.

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Chan/Smith/Walter at Bandcamp

2013 Bug Incision release of Weasel Walter/Damon Smith/Charity Chan

"Formed in 2006 in Oakland California, this improving trio came together out of a love for randomness, noisy sounds, lyric brutality, and adventure eating. This album is dedicated to our 1510 evening in 2007 that features various forms of grilled octopi and improvised music."


Charity Chan (piano, objects)
Damon Smith (double bass)
Weasel Walter (drums)

Recorded at: 1510 8th street, Oakland CA, 2007 Mixed and mastered: Caribou Sonore, 2012

Includes immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Buy This CD

ug53 SANDY EWEN/DAMON SMITH/WEASEL WALTER CD $15.00 postage paypal = damon@balancepointacousitcs.com Buy This CD

Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter "Scowl" CD ug49 Edition of 300 real cds.


hear/download a free preview of this release at: http://weaselwalter.bandcamp.com/track/carps-daemon (PLAY LOUD!) A powerful, articulate improvised music release by this meeting of new generation West and East Coast American musicians. This quartet explores the outer limits of technique and abstraction while delivering serious impact. Scowl consists of more than 50 minutes of free improvised music by a quartet featuring trumpeter Nate Wooley, pianist Scott R. Looney, bassist Damon Smith and drummer Weasel Walter. The ensemble's music is a distinct sum total of four unique perspectives, drawing on a a wide palette of musical possibilities, dynamics and timbres. The music is fast, clearly delineated, compact and well-orchestrated, drawing from the sound vocabularies of 20th and 21st Century New Music forms. The recording is excellent and is best heard at robust volume on stereo speakers, just like in the good old days of high-fidelity. For fans of Bill Dixon, Evan Parker and Mats Gustafsson . . . Buy This CD

Fan The Hammer:

Henry Kaiser - electric and acoustic guitars, talking
Damon Smith - double bass, 6 string electric upright, 'cello, acoustic bass guitar, talking




The Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith duo has been active for well over a decade. These recordings span around 7 or 8 years. At this time it is a digital only release.

The cover is a collaborative ipod/iphone drawing by Raymie Iadevaia & Damon Smith

Raymie Iadevaia Buy This CD

Featuring Cecil Taylor alumni Marco Eneidi (alto), Marc Edwards (drums), Lisle Ellis (bass), Elliott Levin (tenor), Sun Ra Arkestra legend Marshall Allen (alto), bassist Damon Smith and manic Austrian reedist Mario Rechtern, Firestorm is a delerious concoction of new energy music that pushes beyond the stratosphere of sound!

You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one. Buy This CD

A few copies of "Healing Force" are available You can send a paypal for $15 pp to damon@balancepointacoustics.com If you would like one.

Vinny Golia-reeds
Aurora Josephson-voice
Henry Kaiser-guitar
Mike Keneally-piano, guitar and voice
Joe Morris-guitar and double bass
Damon Smith-double bass
Weasel Walter-drums

Seven major figures from the art-punk, free-jazz, brutal prog, improvisational and modern jazz world come together for a ROCKING tribute to the unfairly ignored, misunderstood and vilified late period works of Albert Ayler. Buy This CD

Limited copies of the "Noisy People" dvd are available here. It is a Film by Tim Perkis featuing Damon Smith and other Bay Area Musicians. Includes footage of Gratkowski/Bryerton/Smith and Wolfgang Fuchs' Six Fuchs Project. Buy This CD

Improvised music form Oakland and Tel Aviv from the Jerusalem based Kadima Label.
Aurora Josephson - voice
Ariel Shibolet - soprano saxophone
Jen Baker - trombone
Scott R. Looney - piano
Damon Smith - double bass Buy This CD

New from Nuscope Records: Biggi Vinkeloe, alto saxophone, flute; Damon Smith, double-bass; Kjell Nordeson, drums, vibraphone Buy This CD

Forthcoming CD's

BPA -4
Hugo Ball: Sechs Laut- und Klanggedichte 1916 (Six Sound Poems, 1916)

Jaap Blonk / Damon Smith

Jaap Blonk - voice
Damon Smith - double bass


Double bass, Improviser. Born Damon Jesse Smith on oct. 17th, 1972 in Spokane, WA. Did "freestyle bmx" bicycle riding (a much more dangerous forshadow to "freestyle" music! see http://www.theflatlander.com) from age 13 to 23. Started music in 1991, under the influence of Mike Watt (Firehose & The Minutemen) on fender bass. Lead several punk/art rock combos until 1994. Upon receiving Peter Kowald's landmark lp "Duos;Europa," Damon sold the fender bass and concentrated solely on double bass and free music. Damon's music is rooted in the tradition of "free jazz", with most of his professional experience coming from work with the orchestras and small ensembles of alto saxophonist marco eneidi, however, he is very interested in all the manifestations of free improvised music (jazz rooted or not!) around the world. His live and recorded efforts focus on continuing and expanding the possibilities of the double bass and "instant composition." His instrumental study focuses on classical technique and etudes, while using jazz as reference for pizzicato tone. Damon performs as a soloist and in every imaginable grouping all the way to large orchestra. He also collects recordings, specifically creative music, jazz and double bass music, and feels this is an important influence on his work ("my roots are in my record player"- evan parker).

Watch and listen to Damon and Peter perform together. Click here for a QuickTime version (34.8 MB)

Damon studied music theory/20th century harmony with his mother Bobbie Smith (a classically trained pianist/composer). He had initial double bass lessons with Bill Douglass, next with Lisle Ellis for one year, then classical studies with Kristin Zerneg and jazz with Michael Jones. He also had single lessons/attended workshops with; Barre Phillips, Stefano Scodanibbio, John Lindberg, Mark Dresser, Peter Kowald, William Parker, Ken Filiano, Mike Watt, Dave Holland, Joëlle Léandre, Bertram Turetzky and brass players Bobby Bradford, Butch Morris & Wadada Leo Smith. He continues semi-frequent studies with Prof. Turetzky.

Damon has Collaborated with dancers, actors and poets including Poet Jack Brewer, scoring actor William Whaley's adaptation of Henry Miller's "Tropic of Capricorn" for actor and double bass and the west coast premier of the final collaboration of Merce Cunningham and John Cage; "Ocean," Highly Influenced By modern visual arts, Damon studied painting for a short time with Tom Schultz (see cover of bpa 002) This has resulted in a notation system called "Color Architecture," dedicated to him.

Damon has performed with; Peter Brötzmann, Cecil Taylor, the "Deep Space Posse" (led by Tyrone Hill & Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra), Peter Kowald, Glenn Spearman, Frank Gratkowski, Joëlle léandre, Jeb Bishop, John Tchicai, Andrew Voit, Douglas Ewart, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Eugene Chadbourne, Joe Biaza, Biggi Vinkeloe, Elliot Sharp, Wolfgang Fuchs, Luc Houtkamp, Peter Van Bergen, Mike Watt, Chris Cutler, William Hooker, Miya Masaoka, J.A. Deane, J.D. Parran, Sebi Tramantana, Mathew Goodheart, Gino Robair, Tony Bevan, Alan Silva, Boris Hauf, Tim Perkis, Jackson Krall, Eddie Gale, Gianni Gebbia, Fred Frith, Jaap Blonk, Jon Raskin, Phill Gelb, Marco Eneidi, Donald Robinson, J.D. Parran, Oluyemi Thomas, Prince Lasha, Henry Kaiser, John Butcher, Collin Stetson, Hugh, Livingston, Jim O'Rourke and Richard Thompson.

  • Audiology II 11 groups in berlin 2002 total music meeting
  • ULRICHSBERGER KALEIDOPHON 2003 -Ulrichsburg, Austria
  • "Making Waves" San Francisco
  • "Dreamin' California",in Palermo,Sicily
  • "Midsmumer Music:An Improvisers Forum" San Francisco
  • "The East Bay Creative Music Festival" Oakland
  • "The Glenn Spearmann Festival" Oakland
  • "The Peter Kowald Fesitval:A Future Retrospective" Oakland/San Francisco/Berkeley
  • "The Malcom X Jazz Arts Festival" Oakland
  • "The Big Sur ExperimentalMusic Festival" Big Sur
  • "The SFALT Festival" Oakland/San Francisco
  • "Total Music Meeting" 2002 Berlin
  • "earshot jazz festival" seattle 2003
  • "garden of memory" 1999 and 2004
  • bpa 008 "the happymakers" wolfgang fuchs/jacob lindsay/damon smith/serge baghdassarians/boris baltschun
  • bpa 007 - "zero plus" aurora josephson, phillip wachsmann, jacob lindsay, damon smith, martin blume
  • bpa 006 frank gratkowski/jerome bryerton/damon smith
  • bpa 005 carol genetti/damon smith + fred lonberg-holm
  • dave tucker west coast project
  • bpa 004 biggi vinkeloe/mark weaver/damon smith "desert sweets"
  • bpa 003 wolfgang fuchs/damon smith/jerome bryerton "three october meetings"
  • bpa 002tony bevan/damon smith/scott r. looney "the sale of ticket for money was abolished"
  • bpa 001 peter kowald/damon smith "mirrors-broken but no dust"
  • aurora josephson/jacob lindsay/damon smith " the unstable qualities of three"
  • gianni gebbia/damon smith/ garth powell "people in motion" rastascan records
  • the damon smith trio "color archtecture" lImited sediton records
  • damon smith solo double bass "contradictory consequences"
  • radius- alan lechuza/mark weaver/dave wayne/damon smith "witch of agnesi"
  • carlo actis dato - live april 2001 - with wayne horvitz, reuben radding, ken vandermark, damon smith, gino robair
  • marco eneidi's american jungle orch. w/w.leo smith,bertram turetzky, glenn spearmann ect. botticelli records
  • scott rosenberg "IE (for large ens.)" barely audible
  • gebbia/smith/powell +jaap blonk "live in palermo"
  • the emergency string quartet spring garden music
  • "bass, boats and bevans beer" solo 3" cd artship recordings # 01
Film: Forthcoming:
  • Marco Eneidi/Peter Kowald/Damon Smith/Spirit "ghetto calypso"
  • The Spontaneous Music Ensemble tribute feat. John Butcher and Henry Kaiser
  • Wolfgang Fuchs/Jerome Bryerton/Damon Smith May 2002 tour lp on qibico
  • joëlle léandre/damon smith duo

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